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Veurey Voroize heavy artillery deployment

On the night of June 23 to 24, 1940, a heavy artillery group under the command of Captain Azais de Vergeron is tasked to deploy three battery positions between Noyarey and Sassenage.

Par Jean Paul Noir, Florent Mezin et le Cne Courtois du Musée des troupes de Montagne. et

Location code: 289
Access voiture 30' de Grenoble

The order of June 23, 1940 around 11:00 p.m. stipulates: “Immediately deploy a mixed group of two batteries of 105mm and a battery of 155mm under the command of Captain de Vergeron at Pont du Drac route de Grenoble-Sassenage”.

This detachment, made up of elements of the 104th RALA, about 175 gunners and fifteen officers strong, is equipped with heterogeneous guns. The 1936 model guns, for example, had just been evacuated from the Schneider factories in Le Creusot to avoid being captured by the enemy..

On site, under the command of General Marchand, major Dutrou and other staff officers of the HQ XIV Army Corps worked all night to prepare the orders for each battery commander. These batteries  are positioned on the left bank of the Isère between Noyarey and Sassenage.

Notes et références

Sources: Juin 1940, Voreppe Rempart de Grenoble, co-écrit par Jean-Claude BLANCHET et Gaston REGNIER.

Sincères remerciements à la commune de Veurey Voroize, au DMD 38 et au Musée des Troupes de Montagne pour leur soutien!


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