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Voreppe second attack (24 juin)

On June 24, organised into two columns at Moirans, the enemy armoured regiment is ready to attack

Par Jean Paul Noir, Florent Mezin et le Cne Courtois du Musée des Troupes de Montagne et Sources: Juin 1940, Voreppe Rempart de Grenoble, co-écrit par Jean-Claude BLANCHET et Gaston REGNIER.

Location code: 815
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At this very moment, the decisive action of the Battle of Voreppe takes place.

Positions et tirs d'artillerie

Several large-caliber shells exploded on the German columns, spreading panic among the enemy.

General Marchand, commanding the artillery of the XIV°Corps, sent the II° group of the 104th RALA to reinforce Voreppe. This group, made up of two 105mm batteries and one of 155mm, is commanded by a determined man: Captain de Vergeron.
On June 23, reconnaissance of  the deployment area is completed and, positions for the batteries  established. During the night, Captain de Vergeron's group leaves the village of Corps, deploys its batteries at 3 o'clock in the morning and sets telephone connections.

On the 24th morning, the visibility, initially bad, improves. From the Bec de l'Echaillon, Captain de Vergeron, observes the armoured vehicles assembling in order to force the Voreppe gap.
After an adjustment shot, the group unleashes fire neutralising or destroying nine batteries, a tank park, two columns of motorised vehicles, a fuel depot and even the Moirans airfield.

At the same time, the enemy tries to outflank the defence of Voreppe from the south along the river Isère and from the north by the Col de la Placette. In the south, the attack is repelled, however in the north, the enemy seizes the pass after a fierce fighting, but fails to neutralise the French strong point installed north of Pommiers.

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