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The battles of Saint-Gervais (June 24, 1940)

The frontal attacks on Voreppe being unsuccessful, the command of the III° Panzerdivision decides to change tactics.

Par Jean Paul Noir, Florent Mezin et le Cne Courtois du Musée des Troupes de Montagne. et

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Access En voiture 45' de Grenoble

A pincer offensive, via the Col de la Placette to the north and along the Isère to the south, to sweep behind the French strong points.

The possibility of a German attack along  the Isère had been considered by General Cartier, commanding the Savoie-Dauphiné Task force..
As of June 19, the Saint-Quentin / Saint-Gervais activates defensive procedures.
All boats are removed from the right bank and the ferries are destroyed.
On June 23, arriving from the Bains de l'Echaillon, two 65mm guns, are positioned  in a meadow behind the town.
A firing adjustment on the partiallydestroyed bridge is immediately carried out.
The rest of the bridge is blown up.

The German assault begins on the morning of June 24. Six tanks rushtoward the city. More than 1,000 shells and 25,000 cartridges arefired at Saint-Gervais. Despite this deluge, the french fire does not cease.

The southern branch of the pincers broke on the Isère. French losses are heavy but the southern sector held out.
The defence of Voreppe now rests on the resistance of the Col de la Placette.

Sincères remerciements à la commune de Saint Gervais, au DMD 38 et au Musée des Troupes de Montagne pour leur soutien!


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