Armée des alpes Juin 1940
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Voreppe the first attack (23 juin)

Having reached the region of Bourgoin, General Stumpff’s IIIrd armoured division heads toward Grenoble. The leading motorcycle reconnaissance element drives through Rives and, Moirans.

Par Jean Paul Noir, Florent Mezin et le Cne Courtois du Musée des Troupes de Montagne

Location code: 722
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Dispositif français à Voreppe

Canon de 65 de marine en blockhaus au centre de la place Debelle

© J.C. Blanchet et G.Regnier

A first motorcyclist-scout, gone forward, bumps into the defence line of Voreppe and is taken prisoner. Caught under the heavy fire of the French soldiers, the follow-onreconnaissance detachment must withdraw. Just ashort-live respite: six Panzer IIappear. A 47mm anti-tank gun, the 75mm battery and all the infantry weapons open fire. Heavy fighting and crossfires result in the first losses among men and equipment.within front of an effective and fierce resistance, the Germans decide once again to pull back.

The Germans will use a more powerful force to breakthrough. A new assault is launched led by tanks and half-tracks. This demonstration of mechaniszed force is observed by the French. Supported by the tanks, the German infantry outflanks the defence  and moves forward to the low grounds. The Germans are caught under the simultaneous fires of infantrymen, French sailors and 65 mm gunscontrolledby the Bec de l'Echaillon observation post. The germantanks and infantry take cover behind the embankment of the Moirans railway line. The german artillery goes into action and shells the outskirts of Voreppe. Duringthree hours, the german forces suffer a hellish fire, and unable to breakthroughareforced to withdraw on the evening of the 23rd.

Canon de 47 de marine sur socle en béton

© A.Dulin

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